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Some people say that they think that Kimberley was born in the wrong era and would be more at home being a teenager in the 50's.

From her early days disembarking the school bus every afternoon outside an antique shop in Brisbane, to spending more time in op shops than in books while at University in Toowoomba, Kimberley loves a treasure hunt and finding unique items with story and character.

Kimberley has been a long time collector, developing a wealth of experience and knowledge from her travels. Her collection has included suitcases, furniture, fabric, figurines and much more. Her premise was, 'If you like it, buy it, as you'll never see it again!'.

This hunting and collecting lead her to, in 2009, start selling items to share her love of vintage and the stories that came with them.

An acronym of her name, KImberley JAne RObinson. Kimberley believes there is a certain magic in hunting, finding a precious vintage item and being able to share these finds with her customers.

She is fascinated with the story that each of these precious items has, giving them their own life. It's memories, marks, or scars, that give an insight to the journey.

Kijaro strives to bring quality vintage items to collectors and style lovers, by hunting high and low.

She wants people to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship of bygone eras and bring a certain value and warmth into peoples homes with unique and beautiful pieces that you can not get with mass produced modern items.

With a mission to bring value and beauty into people's homes and lives, Kimberley offers her unique experience and services as a treasure hunter, stylist and collector to you, her customer.

She loves what she does, and wants to share it with you.



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