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Good Morning World, bought to you by Vintage Dymo

because life has been so crazy lately i have by no means finished uncovering everything i bought on a recent trip up north. when the room cleaning started this morning i started sorting out some goodies i purchased from a stationary store and stumbled across two things i bought for myself (most was bought to offer to kijaro customers). what i found, with the help of amy and my dad, was not one but two vintage Dymo Labellers (it helps to have a Dad that is in wholesale stationary and a lovely friend with an eye for vintage type and packaging). 

the first labeller is the normal, well known, machine that embosses letters into coloured plastic tape. it is brand new, never been used still in its box and with its instruction book!!! unheard of these days. you will get to know that i gravitate towards anything that is in its original box with paper instructions to go with it.

i bought a few of every colour the lovely gentleman had... and left some for others when they found the magic of Vintage Dymo too.  (i should add here i have accesses to more of these wonderful tools so if you are interested just let me know and i will scout one out for you.) the owner of the shop thought i was crazy, everything i purchased from him was over 30 years old...  i collected vintage sketch pads, notebooks, pick squared paper and all will be on offer at the next suitcase rummage.. it was like i was in a dream. needless to say i spent more in one shop that i did on the entire trip, including my vintage lounge suite.

anyway back to the purpose of this post, the other find i had, which i owe to my lovely Dad was a Dymo Labeller which labels copper.. yes copper, as in metal... and its got glue on the back so you can stick it to anything.  i didn't even know these existed.... they tell me that they, back in the day cost more than i earn in a week in 2011.. they were the bees knees of the Dymo world. again it was in its original box with instructions. i took this little beauty home, and it still cost me half a weeks pay... but its just magical.

i have plans to make labels for artist books and other very special projects that i am sure are going to happen in the new studio at the new house. although the only downside is i only have a limited amount of copper tape, so we have to use it wisely.

 on a side note i get the keys to the my abode on the 26th of August and i am just a little excited, to say the least.

well i best be off, have a meeting at the house with the builder. Happy Friday everyone.

kijaro xo



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